If your homes are not closing at the same time, that might be stressful, not only you have to find a professional moving company, but you have to find storage as well. Few tips when you are looking for storage are to find the unit that is close to your current or new location, check if they are controlling temperature inside the units, see if you can get extended working hours for your storage on a moving day.

Once you schedule Lakewood Movers, you will get a team of professional and trained movers who will make sure that all of your items are disassembled or assembled. We will protect all of your items with plastic wrap, but it is not a bad idea to purchase additional blankets if your items will stay in the storage for some time. Dollies will be used for anything that is heavier than the ordinary items. Our sales representatives will explain our super easy booking process and moving process.

Rates you will get are all inclusive and taxes are included. No hidden charges for long carry, handling heavy items or handling stairs. We don’t charge anything extra to get to your location or to go back. No fees for fuel, gas or mileage. Renting a storage unit can be expensive, so we want to try to minimize any additional expenses that you might have, that is why we want our rates to be budget-friendly. Insurance that is part of our rate will offer you deserved peace of mind. 

Reach out to us and you will see why we are the best moving company in Lakewood.