Since Lakewood Movers is founded, we have just one goal – to perform the best quality local moves. We are not just movers with trucks, we want to offer you full moving experience for you and your family. Here are some benefits of hiring us:

  • We are local movers, we know the area and we won’t waste your time wandering around. 
  • The easy booking process with our experienced sales representatives who will ask only the right questions and they will have all the answers you need.
  • All inclusive rates without any hidden or additional charges for fuel, mileage, stairs handle, heavy items etc. 
  • Full service of disassembly and reassembly of your items is included in our standard service. We are using our own tolls that are modern.
  • Blankets and plastic wrap are used for extra protection of your bigger items. Safety comes first.
  • Wardrobe boxes are free to use during the move to make your packing process easies.
  • Packing available per your request, just let our sales representatives know that you would like us to pack your items for you. We don’t have any additional fee for packing.
  • Insurance is part of our standard rates. Your items will be safe and protected, but extra precaution is mandatory. 
  • Experienced and trained team of movers and packers is the only crew we have for your move. Nothing less than perfect!

Reach out to us and see why we are the best movers in Denver.