Lakewood Movers can help you out with any kind of labor job. No job is small for us, just let us know what you need. We have done so many loading and unloading jobs, so we can proudly say that we are the experts. When it comes to labor jobs, we will make sure you get the service that includes disassembly or reassembly of your items.

Our professional and trained movers will carefully wrap up with plastic wrap so nothing gets damaged during your drive. Whether you rented a truck, pod or U-haul, our crew can help you with loading or unloading. The rates we will provide you with are all inclusive and without any hidden fees for gas, mileage or anything of that sort. We don’t charge anything to get to your location or to go back.

If there are some stairs to handle, we don’t have any fee for that. Same goes for long carry or heavy items. We always use moving dollies for anything that is exceptionally heavy. We can perform any other type of labor job, such as clearing out the area in your home if you are having a party or an event. We can help you with staging your home for sale. Even if you want to move some to or from your garage.

That is all part of our labor service. Feel free to reach out to us to explain what type of labor move you need, our sales agents are available to you  days a week and they will answer any question you might have.