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1. When to schedule movers?

If you have an upcoming move and you want it to be stress-free and to go by smoothly, you should hire your local professional movers. Professional movers will perform a move for you safely and efficiently. 

2. Can movers work in the rain?

Sun, rain, snow… No weather condition can stop your packers and movers if you need a local move. During the rain or snow, your movers will use extra protections for your items in order to keep them safe.

3. Will movers move suitcases?

Suitcases, boxes, bags etc. Whatever you used to pack your smaller items will be moved by your local moving company. Make sure to pack everything carefully and safely and don’t forget to label everything and make your unpacking easier.

4. Why tip movers?

You are not obligated to tip the movers, but if you are happy with the service they provided, you should. Those are the guys that did heavy lifting for you for hours and they deserve to get something extra on top of their paychecks. How much to tip the movers is up to you, tipping is just a sign of appreciation.

5. Where to hire movers?

Go online and type ‘movers near me’ and you will find dozens of moving companies in no time. The tricky part is to do proper research. Make sure to call them, check their online reviews and ask as many questions as you want. If you have someone who can refer to their local movers, even better.

6. How many movers should I hire?

Once you explain to your sales representatives what you are moving, are there any heavy items and stairs situations, they will recommend a number of movers based on your size of the move. Those are professional and experienced moving experts and they can provide you with the best advice when it gets to the number of movers.

7. What do movers cost?

There are various moving companies and that’s why there are different rates on the market. Most of the local moving companies are affordable and they charge the hourly rates. Some moving companies might offer you a flat rate as well. Be sure to ask them what is included in the price and if there are some additional charges.

8. What if movers break something?

In case you hired licenced moving company, they have the moving insurance included in the price for your move. If something gets damaged, you should start the claim process and the company’s customer support department will make sure to find the best possible solution for your problem.

9. Movers who also pack?

If you would like your local movers to perform a packing service for you as well, you should just let them know when you book your move. All of the local moving companies can safely and efficiently do packing and moving for you.

10. Are movers cheaper on weekdays?

Moving companies have their own policies when it comes to charging for their services. Some movers might charge more on weekends. You should ask your sales representative if there is price difference and if you are flexible, you should go for a cheaper date and save some money.