If you are thinking about moving in the Denver area, you should take Lakewood in consideration. Located just 15 minutes from downtown Denver, this town has lots to offer. It is a fast-growing small city. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should move to Lakewood Colorado.


The situation in Lakewood is like in the most Colorado cities. You can expect mild and snowy winters when you can enjoy all snow sports and hot summers. If you are going out during the night, don’t forget to bring the jacket because there is a temperature difference between day and night. If you are a skiing enthusiast, you will love living in Lakewood.

Education and job opportunities

Lakewood is ranked as one of the top 100 cities with the outstanding educational options. Public school system is highly ranked and you will find Red Rocks Community College and Colorado Christian University here. When it comes to employment options, Lakewood is home to lots of start ups. But not just start up companies, there is a bagel giant Einstein Bros Bagels and one of the largest marketing firms in the world The Integer Group. 

Arts and culture scene

Lakewood is known for its culture scene, so you will just love the arts and culture scene in this city. West Arts is Lakewood’s creative district on the historic West Colfax Corridor which is a home to more than 120 creative businesses. Not just creative businesses, but you will have a break in one of the delicious restaurants. You will find lots of galleries, performing venues and public art installations. Don’t miss the Lakewood Cultural Center with a theater with 320 scenes. Here are the best visual art exhibits in multiple gallery spaces. If you have a huge event to throw or a meeting, you can do it here. 


Around Lakewood you will find amazing Green Mountain with 2400 acres of wide open space. There is the second largest park in Lakewood, William Frederick Hayden Park. Here are multi-use trails connected very well. You can enjoy the view here or go hiking in nature. Just one short drive from Lakewood you will find Red Rocks. THis is just 20 minutes away from you if you move to Lakewood. It is a massive concert venue that brings the best performers. You can enjoy your favorite artists while being surrounded by more than 800 acres of deer, dinosaurs, pines and geological wonders. It is a place where you can come to feel calm and tranquil. For those fitness fans, you can enjoy running or walking in one of the many parks here, such as Crown Hill Park, Kendrick Lake Park or Bear Creek Lake Park. 

Dining and brewing options 

It is famous that Denver is well known for its beer, so is Lakewood. In Lakewood you can find popular award-winning, gluten-free craft brews in the popular Great Frontier Brewing. There is no food here, but there are food trucks around to have something with your beer. Don’t miss Lakewood’s oldest breweries – IronWorks Brewery and Pub. If you are a beer fan, you will love living in Lakewood. When it comes to food, you can enjoy one of the Lakewoods many options. There is a diverse offer here, so you can find Indian, Italian, Mexican, American food. Whatever your heart desires. Food is delicious whatever you choose. 

There are many more reasons why you should move to Lakewood, but we would like to leave something for you to explore by yourself. However, you will enjoy the vibe of this city. Your friendly neighbors will definitely help with that!